Collaboration – Building (Digital) Skills

I take pride in thinking out of the box especially when I collaborate with teachers. I work with both students and staff to build their toolboxes with skills for both the physical and digital world.

I have created many classes in Google Classroom that I co-teach with various staff members. Some of these Classrooms are: Research 101 (English and Science), AIR Test Prep, ACT Test Prep, Capstone, Intro to Research, CCP English, Passion Project, Google Tools for School, Teaching with Tech.

I offer on-demand professional development for our staff. I do these through Lunch and Learns (during all lunch periods), Teaching with Tech (after school and online), putting technology tips in monthly staff newsletters and twice monthly Learning in the Loo flyers, creating the 12 Days of Techmas, and attending TBTs bi-weekly. I am working to create short video tutorials/screencasts for staff that will be featured on our YouTube channel.

Within the past couple of years, I have spent a lot of time learning and experimenting with virtual reality and augmented reality. I find both of these have unlimited potential in education. Through library money and also a grant I wrote, I have secured the purchase of 15 VR/AR sets and an Oculus Rift. Working with the classroom teacher, I have been able to take students on tours of universities, look at careers they are interested in, to Paris, to Machu Picchu, looking inside the human body and much more! I recently worked with one of the business/DECA teachers to show his students the differences between AR and VR so they can begin working with me to create their own.

Daily, I help both students and staff with their technology needs. Whether it is something that has broke and needs repaired, or a student needs help formatting or coding, I am always ready to jump in and work alongside them to trouble shoot and find a solution.

The library also has a makerspace, in which students are able to physically create with the resources we have and also digitally create. Just this year we added a Sphero and Sphero mini to the makerspace and are starting the students in basic coding skills.

When escape rooms (or BreakOut EDU) became popular, I jumped on the bandwagon immediately seeing how these could be used in the educational setting. I have co-planned and co-ran BreakOut rooms with every department/content area at Westland. We have covered The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, systems of equations, DNA replication, intro to poetry, AP poetry, Ender’s Game, Ready Player One, Spanish I and Spanish II (escape from Puerto Rico), probability, circles and circumference, trigonometry, Government (Constitution and amendments), planets, and more! Watching students learn and review using this completely hands-on approach I see them grow as learners and community members.