<3 Your Library: Student's Reactions to the New Space

We are finally open for business! I am so glad to have students back in the space!  In late January, we welcomed the first group of students into the library by hosting English classes for book check out and book tastings. It was amazing! So many books were checked out and I know the students were glad to have a place to get materials again. 

In mid-February, after all the English classes got a chance to stop by, we welcomed study hall students back as they have been itching to see the renovated space. 

In general, the freshmen like the new space (but have nothing to compare it to), and most of the upperclassmen like the space as well. Here are some of the things the kids said about the library: 

  • The computer lab is cool and helpful but cuts out too much of the overall hang-out and gathering space. (Side note: I was able to house upwards of 150+ people, and now I’m at about 80ish). 
  • The colors on the walls make the space more vibrant – dark gray, dark teal, key lime green, dark green, and yellow. 
  • Many of my readers are frustrated because there aren’t enough bookcases (right now) to display all of the books. (We are getting more in April though). 
  • They like the new art and decor on the wall and say it adds to the peaceful vibe of the space.
  • They do not like the fact that the carpet is sectioned off in odd places and represents many colors like orange, yellow, green, and blue. 
  • Students really like the quiet study room, because some kids just want utter silence to work in. (Personally, that would drive me up a wall – dead silence – but the library is for everyone so we need a quiet space!). 
  • Students like the collaboration room because it has whiteboards, and places for them to work together and collaborate with one another. 
  • All the students who have come in have commented on how the library continues to be a space that is welcoming and inclusive. (Which is something I strive for every year). 

In general, the majority of opinions and comments have been positive, which I am glad for. The library really is the heart of the school and I want my kids and the staff to feel welcome.