School’s Out for Summer

I am very lucky to say that as of posting this, I am done with school for the year (we start pretty early in August, so don’t be too jealous). That doesn’t mean I’m done with library-related things, though. As we all know, we still work on things over the summer, even if it’s developing ideas for displays, lessons, curating book lists, etc. 

I will be working on three different classes for my district that are just for our librarians and co-teaching those classes with another secondary librarian. I’m really excited to develop these courses. Who knows, maybe they will turn into classes I can offer as an Ashland adjunct. (Yup, I teach on and off for them developing my own courses – which is super fun!). 

I guess I’m sharing all of this to say, set your boundaries this summer. Don’t do a ton of school work. Yes, I know that I wrote that I do a bunch over the summer – don’t be like me! Take a much-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of school. Spend time with family, read for fun, and get outside! Do whatever makes you happy and enjoy that guilt-free. 

As I try to set my boundaries for this summer, I have decided not to blog this summer and take a respite from it all. My plan is to spend less time on the computer and more time enjoying hanging out with my son, reading, seeing family, getting outside, and maybe taking a vacation – who knows?

But, I will be back next school year so watch for my posts to come back in August. I’ll catch you all on the flip side! Have a great summer! 

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  1. This is the disruptive librarian’s mom, who also was one of those educators who worked during the summer, but I am going to try to see that she spends more time with family – namely me, lol, and her son, my grandson!

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