Tech Skills for Online Testing PearlTree

To assist Ohio teachers with the technology skills needed by Ohio students to complete the online assessments (like AIR), Brandi created the Tech Skills for Online Testing PearlTree which holds curated practice resources from INFOhio, the Ohio Department of Education, and other educational websites. The PearlTree also has ideas of how teachers can integrate these technology skills into their classroom instruction so the skills are not taught in isolation.

MaKit (Online Maker Kit)

As Making and MakerSpaces began to boom in Ohio and its libraries, Brandi saw the need to support Ohio librarians and teachers who were looking to start their own MakerSpace but did not have the knowledge of how to start or a budget. Thus, the MaKit (online Maker kit) was born. The MaKit takes a librarian/teacher through the steps of how to create a MakerSpace (with or without a budget) from start to finish.

Brandi also started a Google Group of IMakers – which is comprised of any teacher who is interested in MakerSpaces and starting their Maker journey.

Book Nook: Gallery of Student Creations

Book Nook: Gallery of Student Creations is an area in which students can submit their self-creations, including book trailers. Book Nook also provides free resources for students and for teachers. The “For Students” area includes information on how to create a book trailer, planning tools, creation tools, video tools, image tools, audio tools and citing your sources. The “For Teachers” area includes all that the student area includes, plus: book trailer information, book trailer rubrics, and book trailer lesson plans.

INFOhio Digital Literacy Task Force

The purpose of the Digital Literacy Task Force is to guide INFOhio in its delivery of tools, resources, training and support for Ohio’s schools for open educational resources, digital citizenship, technology literacy, information literacy, and media literacy. There are approximately 30 educators in this task force – teachers, librarians, tech specialists, administrators, etc. – who meet 2-3 times a year to fulfill their purpose.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

INFOhio supports the use of high-quality digital resources and Open Educational Resources (OER) to transform teaching and learning. OER can improve the quality of student learning by broadening access to information. INFOhio partners with educational agencies to develop tools and resources, promote the sharing of effective strategies, and provide professional learning for educators to help them find, adapt, create, and share resources.

In collaboration with several INFOhio staff members, Brandi worked to develop:

  • INFOhio OER Guidance Document
  • OER infographic
  • INFOhio OER Playbook
  • Curated OER research and resources
  • Meeting of possible future collaborative partners