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  • Collaborating with Your Teacher Librarian: 5 Reasons to Be Their BFF
    By Jen Baker, M.Ed, MA When I was a wide-eyed baby teacher in teacher school, I used to think library days would be the best
  • Library Hack #1: Making Water Damage Pretty
    I have worked in older libraries my entire career and there is always at least one thing that they have in common – water-stained ceiling
  • Shout Out
    This blog is something that I have been wanting to do for years and though I took a short break, I’m glad to be back.
  • You Get a Book Tasting, and You Get a Book Tasting…
    As a librarian, the best feeling is connecting a student with a book. There are many ways to do this – reader’s advisory, book talks,
  • Book Tasting: COVID-Style
    Everyone loves a good book tasting, right? I’ve done everything from book tastings to book dating to book musical chairs to book tweets (more on
  • Books that are LIT
    I have many librarians and teachers that I admire, who inspire me, and who have helped me become the educator and person that I am